Bucket Tooth Bar

Tooth Bars

The TB SERIES BUCKET TOOTH BAR dramatically increases the efficiency of your tractor loader bucket. Other tooth bars are designed with custom widths to fit specific loader buckets and require hole drilling for mounting. These unique universal mount tooth bars do not require drilling of holes and mount on most buckets easily in minutes using large set screws. These innovative tooth bars are ideal when working in hard ground conditions and remove easily when working in loose soil and back grading.

Bucket Tooth Bar Features

  • Requires no drilling of holes in the bucket
  • Special set screws with lock nuts hold tooth bar in place
  • Installs in minutes
  • Fits most common loader bucket
  • Increases effectiveness of front loader buckets
  • Teeth made of hardened A572 grade 50 steel
  • Allen wrench included

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Models Description Bucket Size Toothbar Width No. of Teeth Weight
TB42 42″ Tooth Bar 42″ 40″ 5 38 lbs.
TB48 48″ Tooth Bar 48″ 46″ 6 42 lbs.
TB54 54″ Tooth Bar 54″ 52″ 7 50 lbs.
TB60 60″ Tooth Bar 60″ 58″ 7 53 lbs.
TB66 66″ Tooth Bar 66″ 64″ 8 62 lbs.
TB72 72″ Tooth Bar 72″ 70″ 8 65 lbs.

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