Clamp-On Bale Spear

Clamp-on Bale Spear

The CBS SERIES CLAMP-ON BALE SPEAR mounts easily in seconds to most loader buckets without using tools. The tapered bolt-in spear makes for easy bale penetration. Available in 3,000-pound capacity. Slidable handle allows the bale spear to be mounted in most positions on the bucket, such as next to the side or back of the bucket. Spear is equipped with handles for ease in mounting and handling. Spear has a safety rating of two times the stated capacity.

Bale Spear Features

Models Capacity Tine Length Lip Thickness Size Weight
CBS-3000 3,000 lbs. 41-1/2″ 1-1/4″ 1-5/8″ 136 lbs.
BFS-4000 Bale Spear Stabilizer, adj., stabilizes width of CBS-3000 from 27″ to 45″ 28 lbs.

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