Horse Arena Cultivators

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Northstar manufactures a wide range of horse arena cultivators to meet a variety of arena needs. Our popular Arena-Vator 2 is a shank-style model with leveling bar and rear roller designed to renovate and condition horse arenas and tracks in a single pass. The Arena-Comb was developed for high quality arenas with decomposed granite, ground rubber, or a gravel base under approximately 4 inches of sand. The newest product is the Arena-Vator 3, a highly versatile machine similar to the Arena-Vator 2 with the exception that it was designed to accept scarifier shanks for breaking up hard ground and can be equipped in many different configurations to fit your specific requirements. The Arena Harrow product is equipped with spike teeth and was designed to rotate in a circular motion to redistribute soil in an arena that has built up around its perimeter. Northstar has the right machine for your horse arena work.