Spin Weeder Vineyard Cultivator

Spin Weeder Vineyard Cultivator

Front Mount shown with RH & LH Spin Weeder Assemblies, RH/LH 3-Blade Adjustable Disc Cultivators

Innovative, patented In-Row Cultivation Tool for Vineyards. Controls weeds without the use of chemicals. Tills soil and uproots weeds from first bloom to harvest!

The Next Generation of Mechanical Weed Control

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The Spin Weeder vineyard cultivator is an effective means of cultivation and weed control in a variety of crop applications. This unique design focuses on eliminating plant damage that is common with hydraulic blade in-row cultivators. To eliminate plant damage, the Spin Weeder is equipped with 18″ diameter wheels which run in a counter-clockwise rotation and create a soil buffer between the wheel and the plant. Additional crop protection is achieved with an adjustable spring loaded retraction system. The Spin Weeder controls weeds without the use of chemicals.

The Spin Weeder vineyard cultivator was developed by Dave Kohler after many years of testing in Washington State.

Key Features

  • New Patented weeding system
  • Tills and weeds approximately 2″ deep
  • Spin weeders are ground driven by the forward travel of the tractor
  • Operates effectively at tractor speeds between 4 – 7 MPH
  • Weeder wheels can be angled for raised berms or flat ground
  • Does not damage vines because:
    1. adjustable spring loaded retraction system
    2. weeder head spins around the vines
    3. tilled soil is forced between weeder head and vine base providing cushion


  • 18″ diameter weeder head with 1-3/4″ deep flange.
  • Weeder head flanges are lined with 1/4″ thick, long wearing, replaceable UHMW plastic.
  • Spin weeders are adjustable up and down, in and out.
  • Weeder head retraction spring is adjustable for different soil conditions.
  • Spin weeders have greaseable bearing hubs for long life.
  • Adjustable Spring-Loaded Spin Weeder Assembly
    Adjustable Spring-Loaded Spin Weeder Assembly
  • Front and Rear Gauge Wheels with Torsion Axle Suspension
    3-Blade Disc Assembly Cultivates Additional 15″
  • Adjustable Gauge Wheel with Mounting Bracket
    Adjustable Gauge Wheel with Mounting Bracket

Adjustable Frame Features

  • Front or Rear Mount 3-Point hitch
  • Cat. 1, A.S.A.E. Quick Hitch compatible
  • Manual or hydraulic adjustable frame for various row widths
  • Single or dual 2″ x 18″ hydraulic cylinders
  • Right and left hand spin weeders
  • Available with single or dual spin weeders
  • Hydraulic hoses with male couplers from tractor remotes to cylinders
7′ – 10′ Adjustable Frame Models – Frame & Spin Weeder selection required to complete machine
Models Working Width Frame Width Adjustment Weight
KW-2400 7′ – 10′” Manual Pin Adjustment 400 lbs.
KW-2401 7′ – 10′” Single Side Hyd. – 1 remote 450 lbs.
KW-2402 7′ – 10′” Dual Side Hyd. – 2 remotes 500 lbs.
KW-2403 7′ – 10′” Dual Side Hyd. Selector Valve – 1 remote 600 lbs.
Spin Weeder Selection
Models Description Weight
KW-1800RH Spin Weeder Cultivator Right Hand 137 lbs.
KW-1800LH Spin Weeder Cultivator Left Hand 137 lbs.
KW-3D 3 Disc Cultivator 18″ working width with mount and clamp 85 lbs.
KW-GWR Gauge Wheel Assembly 18.5 x 8.5 tire and wheel, Right Hand 50 lbs.
KW-GWL Gauge Wheel Assembly 18.5 x 8.5 tire and wheel, Left Hand 50 lbs.

Spin Weeder Vineyard Cultivator FAQs

Do I need a tractor PTO to operate the Spin Weeder?

No, the Spin Weeder turns by the forward speed of the tractor.

What horsepower tractor is required to operate the Spin Weeder?

We recommend at least a 45 horsepower tractor for dual spin weeders.

What adjustments do I need to make before starting to use?

The operators manual will show the few easy steps to set for your vineyard rows. Once you have the Spin Weeder set, you may not ever have to adjust it again.

I use chemicals to control berm weeds. Why should I change?

We feel there are a number of reasons you should consider changing:

  1. Of course, environmentally it is always best to eliminate chemicals.
  2. When you consider the cost of spraying equipment and herbicides, the Spin Weeder can be more economical.
  3. If there is debris as well as weeds in the berm, it greatly affects herbicide spraying, but does not affect the Spin Weeder.
  4. Because the Spin Weeder also tills the soil, you have the advantage of aerating and drying out the soil, removing insects, and destroying tunnels created by rodents.

Spin Weeder Assembly

Spin Weeder Diagram