Tire Track Ripper Subsoiler

Tire Track Ripper Subsoiler

Tractors often have to make many passes through vineyards and orchards, creating hard pan under the tractor tires. From time to time, it is recommended to rip that area using a subsoiler to aerate the soil for better water penetration and increased root growth. The working width of the ripping shanks can be set to the tractor tire centers, which shatters the soil over the compacted area up to 18″ deep. These rippers have two 4″ x 6″ beams for added strength. Models available for all popular vineyard row spacings.

Tire Track Ripper Subsoiler Features

  • Quick Hitch compatible
  • Two adjustable shanks for ripping soil up to 18″ deep
  • Adjustable bolt-on shank bracket so they can be set for different tractor tire tread widths
  • Shanks are 1″ x 6-1/2″ wide x 22″ long steel
  • Main beam 4″ x 6″ x 1/4″ wall tubing
  • Clevis type hitch bracket
  • Parking stand
  • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Hard faced shanks & points

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Models For Row Widths Beam Width Adjustable Shank Centers Hitch Weight/lbs.
R2-55 6′ (72″) 55″ 38″ to 48″ Cat. 1 320
R2-67 7′ (84″) 67″ 40″ to 60″ Cat. 1 350
R2-72 8′ (96″) 72″ 48″ to 66″ Cat. 1 & 2 360

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