Universal Backhoe Thumb

Universal Backhoe Thumb

This Universal Backhoe Thumb is designed to increase the productivity and versatility of your 3-Point and Subframe Backhoes, Skid-Steer Backhoes, Mini-Excavators and Commercial Backhoe Loaders. Ideal for landscapers and contractors. Dig and load with the same machine. These rugged built rigid thumbs are designed to do a wide range of material handling jobs such as: land clearing, demolition, brush removal, rock, railroad tie and pipe placement, loading and unloading material.

Universal Backhoe Thumb Features

  • Claws are made from T-1 high strength steel
  • Two pin adjustable working positions allows for handling a wide variety of material
  • Mounting requires welding unit to backhoe dipper stick
  • Folds flat against the dipperstick for storage
  • Reinforced bracing for added strength
  • Shipped preassembled for ease of installation

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Features UAT-50 UAT-100 UAT-200 UAT-300
For Buckets Measuring from Pivot Pin to End of Bucket Teeth Up to 17″ 18″ to 22″ 24″ to 29″ 35″ to 42″
Thumb Length 17″ 20″ 24-1/4″ 38-1/2″
Thumb Width 5″ 5-1/4″ 7-1/2″ 12″
Base Mounting Plate 3-1/2″ x 19″ 4″ x 18″ 5″ x 21″ 7″ x 30″
Support Member Rigid Rigid Rigid Rigid
Pivot Pins 1″ dia. 1″ dia. 1-1/4″ dia. 2″ dia.
Weight 43 lbs. 56 lbs. 110 lbs. 281 lbs.

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