Customer Reviews

Twinstar Customer Reviews

Twinstar Generation 2 Basket Rakes pick up more crop, do not shatter leaves, do not rope the hay, and make fluffier windrows, which speeds up drying time and makes cleaner hay.

—Generation 2 Rake Owner, Basin City, WA

Primary reasons we purchased Twinstar basket rakes was we wanted to make all rake functions operate through one easy-to-operate control box. Depending on crop conditions, we can operate much faster than before and still produce a fluffy windrow and rake later in the day, if needed, to beat the weather. We currently farm 1,500 acres of alfalfa, mostly on a custom level, and need the reliability without down time.

—Generation 2 Rake Owner, Harrah, WA

The Twinstar Generation 2 Rake is more versatile than my Generation 1 Rake. I get a more uniform and fluffier windrow without clumping. The seven-bar design rolls and lays the hay out better than my Generation 1 Twinstar Rakes. I get better raking at a wide angle. We windrow with 14-foot headers, and the wider angle allows me to rake two windrows together and then come back and rake those two together. I can rake faster with seven bars than with five. I like the heavier frame because it allows me to get better fore and aft tilt when I need it, and the basket still stays level. If the basket is level, then I get less dirt pickup and a cleaner windrow. Gauge wheels are worth every penny. As a matter of fact, after operating Generation 2 with two sets, I am going to modify my old ones to do the same. I wouldn’t buy a rake without them. Overall, I really like the job the rake does.

—Generation 2 Rake Owner, Stockton, CA

We have operated four competitive basket rakes for a number of years. Our customers in California insist on high quality hay, thus the reason we use parallel bar basket rakes. We took our people over to California to see the new Generation 2 rake, and we were impressed with the design. The things we liked best on the Generation 2 rake were the large 30-inch-diameter baskets, the hose trac system, and the overall strength. The next week, we traded in our rakes and ordered four of the Generation 2 Twinstar Rakes.

—Generation 2 Rake Owner, Lovelock, NV