Twinstar Hay Rakes

Twinstar Hay Rakes

Twinstar Hay Rakes represent the latest technology in basket rakes. These rugged built rakes were designed to rake two windrows together and for turning hay to speed up drying time prior to baling for high production commercial hay farming, custom operators and for dairies raking green chop hay. Research has documented that basket-raked hay contains less contaminants (dirt, rocks and debris) compared to traditional wheel and rotary rakes. Basket rakes also result in less leaf loss because a portion of the hay is carried above the ground on the rakes stripper rods. Cleaner hay brings higher returns to hay growers, provides more nutrients, and is significantly healthier for animals to consume.

The Twinstar Hay Rake Product Line consists of five models in 6-bar and 7-bar series in 27′ and 30′ sizes for windrowers with headers 12′ – 18′.

Cleaner Hay Means Higher Returns and More Nutrients in Hay and Silage!

Twinstar hay contaminants chart

Field test conducted by corporate farm in 2004 measuring the percentage of contaminants in raked hay using the following comparable width hay rakes: 5-Bar Basket Rakes, Rotary Rake and Finger Wheel Rake. Results vary due to equipment settings and field & crop conditions.