Roller Trailer

Roller Trailer


  • Designed to haul cherry bins or empty fruit bins
  • 2-bin to 5-bin capacity models
  • Self-unloading feature
  • Heavy duty rollers
  • Optional equipment includes:
    • Torsion Flex Axle 3500-pound (TR-200-3, TR-200-4, TR-200-5 models)
    • Hydraulic lift
    • Bulldog hitch
    • Implement jack
    • Clevis hitch (TR-200-3, TR-200-4, TR-200-5 models)
    • 2″ Ball Hitch (TR-200-3, TR-200-2N, TR-200-3N models)
Models Description Weight
TR-200-2N 2-bin Narrow Vineyard Roller Trailer w/ 18 rollers 500 lbs.
TR-200-3N 3-bin Narrow Vineyard Roller Trailer w/ 26 rollers 700 lbs.
TR-200-3 3-bin Roller Trailer w/ 26 rollers 700 lbs.
TR-200-4 4-bin Roller Trailer w/ 34 rollers 850 lbs.
TR-200-5 5-bin Roller Trailer w/ 42 rollers 1,000 lbs.

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