Quality Products

Row of Quality Products Twinstar Rakes

At Northstar Attachments, we utilize principles of lean manufacturing to continually improve our products and industrial efficiencies. We build rugged, quality attachments that provide durable time and labor saving benefits to users. We take pride in building better, more useful products with solid value.

Metal Fabrication of Quality Products

Material Processing

Our material processing capabilities include punching, bending/forming, pattern torching, multipurpose ironworker stations, and computer controlled saws. We create many of our own parts in-house from flat bar stock, pipe, and mechanical tubing profiles. We have valued partnerships for our machining and large quantity cutting and casting needs.

Precision Welding

Precision Welding

In the bustling heart of our facility, the production welding department builds the structural bulk of our products. With the unmistakable blue glow and stuttering buzz of the arc, our welders create sophisticated components from basic raw materials and value-added parts. We burn miles of welding wire each workday.

Powder Coat Painting

Powder Coat Coating

Our in-house ability to clean and coat our components ensures we can efficiently provide the best looking and longest lasting finish that we can. From the signature high-gloss Northern Red of our Twinstar hay rakes and bin trailers to the industry matching green, yellow, and orange of our attachments, our thick powder coating maintains its appearance in the harsh environments it encounters.

Product Assembly

Quality Products Assembly

Highly efficient and attentive, our assembly department finishes and packages our products. The team ensures that our equipment and attachments perform the way they are designed so they will provide users with the quality experience expected of our products.